Home Automation

Our intelligent home automation systems are easy to use, perfectly reliable, operate for years on end with little to no maintenance and extremely cost-effective. Unlike older automation systems, installing ours is not the equivalent of commissioning a nuclear plant! Our perfectly trained team of technicians and programmers are in and out of a site before you blink.

From single room light solutions to large villas, our solutions are easily scalable and future-ready. It tightly integrates control for lighting systems, audio-visual equipment, motorized drapes and blinds, climate control systems (air-conditioning), security and surveillance systems, and nearly any relay operable device.

All it takes is the tap of a button on your smartphone to transform your media room from “Lounge Mode” to “Cinema Mode” – close drapes, lower the projection screen, switch on all the audio gear, gently dim the lights and let the movie play!

Lighting Control

You gotta be seriously kidding us if you’re renovating or moving into a new home and you’re still contemplating using old-school mechanical switchboards to operate the lights, fans and motorized drapes etc. Don’t destroy your interiors with overpriced, ‘designer’ piano switches.

Our wide range of lighting control solutions use elegant and compact, multi-button keypads that can be customized to suit your interiors. Recall lights in scenes rather than the boring old way of fumbling through a dozen buttons before finding the actual lamp you needed lit!

For instance, at bedtime just press the one button programmed to initiate the bedtime scene to automatically shut the drapes, shut down all the down lights, switch on the night light, and start the fan!

Comes with an infrared remote control, and there is always the option to add on smartphone control by buying a smartphone control pack.

We also have retrofit options that can be used to transform existing switchboards to smart control without making any wiring changes whatsoever!

Residential Project Automation
Enhance the value of your realty project by providing automation as a value-add to the buyer. Our project automation systems are designed such that they are inexpensive, need no special training for the user, and needs minimal interaction between the commissioning team and the end user.

It can be incorporated with all the other builder-supplied amenities at the fit-out stage and it is immediately ready to use! Once installed, the system needs very minimal maintenance checks and the software receives automatic over-the-air updates.

We can also provide AV solutions that integrate with the control system as one complete package. Your customer just needs to move in!

Our Clients

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