Networked AV Solutions

Multi Room Audio – Crystal Clear Sound Everywhere

With our iStream multi-room audio solutions you could be listening to Dire Straits on the living room stereo, with the kids blasting Yo Yo Honey Singh on the outdoor sound system in the lawn, while the missus is streaming Celine Dion to her iPod with her ear buds on while training in the gym!

Imagine a system where–
• All your music needs to be stored at just one location
• An automated system automatically scans your collection and downloads all the metadata, artwork etc automatically and makes it available over your entire house
• The entire system works on your existing wired or wireless network, no additional pre-wiring!
• Control all zones and play any music from your entire library to any zone in the house regardless of the kind of music system or speakers that you may be using in each zone! You can even stream music to your phone or iPod!
• Play different music in different zones or the same music in multiple or all zones at the same or different volume levels
• Music library control from just one single, extremely easy-to-use smartphone app
• In addition to your personal music collection, you can also play from a wide range of free online sources including 1000s of internet radio stations and other streaming services

Media Servers

iServe, offers a wide range of media server products that surpass comparable, commercially-available NAS devices in all aspects of features, functionality, flexibility, technology and price.

Store your prized movie collections, personal videos, music, photos, and even documents or any type of files on a secure, easy to manage, and expandable storage system for easy access from all your smart devices and for preservation of your valuable memories and content that is otherwise prone to loss caused by inevitable hard disk failures!

While most competitors’ products merely serve as network storage devices, our servers are optimized to work best for the job at hand – serving media content like movies, music, tv shows, videos, photos etc. It uses several smart features that give it the edge over pre-packaged NAS devices:

1. Spinning down disks which are not in use. Hence extremely low power consumption as compared to traditional RAID systems that stripe data across all disks and thus need all of them to power up for read/ write.

2. Running two simultaneous operating systems on the same system, one for the applications, and the other for the server processes to isolate program processes from interfering with server core operation.

3. Configurable user shares to decide which content is accessible to which user.

4. Data is absolute, and not stored in any proprietary way. File systems are easily readable by most systems and a single failed hard disk does not render the data inaccessible. Just replace the failed disk and all the data is rebuilt automatically.

5. Needs no maintenance from the user. Administration is also using the web interface which can be done from anywhere over the network. No need to connect a display or approach the server physically.

6. Easy access from Windows PCs, Macs, media players etc over the network for copying files etc. No need to physically access the server for file operations.

Our media servers can serve data to front end clients, televisions, smart Blu-ray players, smartphones, laptops etc not just on your home network, but also when you are anywhere in the world outside the network over your internet connection. Think of it as your own little private cloud with no storage limitations and zero storage fees! All your data on the server is protected against hard drive failure. To replace a bad disk, all you need to do is swap it for another disk of the same capacity and server automatically rebuilds the data on the failed disk! It also uses a very efficient backup method so that you just need to block one of the many hard disks in a system for maintaining data protection rather than the hard-disk hogging 1:1 system etc adopted by most mainstream brands.

Our iServe servers integrate with our iBox media center front ends and the iStream music streaming products perfectly and needs minimal setup. iServe servers are also fully compatible with all other front end products and media renderers that may be built into smart TVs etc.

The iRip disc rippers are available as an accompaniment to the iServe or as a standalone solution for ripping your discs to the storage, and carefully cataloguing and storing away the discs’ content for access to all the clients.

Media Center

iBox media centers are the most advanced entertainment front end devices that exist on the planet. iBox hooks up to your TV and will play back ALL of your movies, TV shows, videos, music, photos & more! Watch live TV, download movies, music and tv shows, stream or download your favourite YouTube videos, sing karaoke, listen to internet radio – the possibilities are endless!

iBox media center plays music, movies, TV shows, photos, videos etc from a wide variety of sources like onboard hard disk(s), our iServe server or other NAS devices, attached USB devices, shares on other PCs on the network, ripped DVDs and Blu Ray discs etc. Control with many cool Android or iOS apps or a slick RF remote control. iBox has a very advanced yet intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to manage and navigate your media. Your movies, TV shows, music etc. is no longer a jumble of folders and files. Just drop the files in the respective folders and iBox automatically retrieves rich metadata, such as cover art, summaries, ratings and cast credits. Download and add subtitles to the playing media automatically from the internet with just one click.

IMDB ratings, plot, video file information, fanart, disc cover etc to create a visually stunning interface to your media. And everything’s automated! No manual scanning.

Available in a standalone 3TB storage version and a drive-less multi-room version for use with iServe or other NAS boxes, the iBox is the heart and soul of your ultra-smart, automated home media system!

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