Professional AV

Professional Sound Systems

Sounds Good provides custom tailored solutions for all kinds of professional AV requirements for auditoria, restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, offices, conference rooms, board rooms, educational institutes, places of worship, gymnasiums and more.

Whatever be the venue, we have a solution for your requirement. From ground-pounding nightclub sound systems to the delicate and elegant background sound system for a fine-dining restaurant to the purpose-built PA system for a lecture hall - our engineers simulate the spaces on acoustic modeling software, fill it with virtual speakers and make hundreds of calculations and considerations before it is reproduced in the flesh at your property to create the perfect balance of sound, aesthetics and economics that can only be achieved with intelligent design and planning.

Professional Display Systems

Displays make a huge impact on consumers. Whether it is to showcase your restaurant’s day’s special, or your boutique’s spring-summer collection, or for the psychedelic visualization accompanying your DJ’s set, strategically placed televisions, video walls, mirror TVs and projection systems provide the visibility and create the impression at retail and hospitality venues. We help design and set up visually stunning display systems to enhance your business space, right from the mini monitors above the urinals to the sprawling ones at stadiums that measures meters across and everything in between.

Professional Media and Content Systems

Whether you want to display a stunning slideshow of images, play videos or music or both, we have a range of very easy to use, commercial media player solutions for every application. From something as simple as a restaurant menu to a large, timed AV comprising of multiple media formats and interactive features we can help showcase your message in the best possible manner.

Don’t want to put up with the DJ’s tantrums? Don’t want the hassle of copying new music to a thumb drive and creating playlists? Tired of playing the same, boring programmed satellite television content in your recreational venue? Well, look no further than our streaming media solutions that play you 1000s of streaming internet radio channels of practically every single genre under the sun, the latest music video charts without any ads, YouTube videos, plus your music, video or slideshows of your photo collections.

Easy to operate, low on power consumption and rugged enough to run a 24/7 schedule, content need not be an expensive affair any longer!

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